Just Boots - Clouds lie about starting just brakes

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your introduction of just brakes is a untrue statement, clouds family did not start just brakes.I bought a building at 208 n texas ave in Bryan Texas and opened the first just brakes in between 1978-1980.

The name came from someone who started a boot store in Texas called Just Boots then I opened in several small towns around Bryan then I opened around 17 stores at one time in Dallas Texas area. The Clouds tried to buy the business from me at the time they could not get the money in around 1988-1990. Sold out to a group of attoneries that went bankrupt after around 5 years the corporation declaired bankrupcy the court contacted me and wanted me to take it back over.

Since I was paid cash fot the company I decided I did not want to run it again, and Perry Cloud bought it out of bankrupcy and that is where it will be again in my opinion.My name is Lester Neely and all of this can be verified.

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